Special Congregational Statement

Oakland Church of Christ

May 3, 2020

Dear Brethren,                                                                                                                                                     

Just a note to let you know our thinking regarding the resumption of worship activities at the Oakland Church of Christ building.  This was discussed at length at the Men's meeting last week and was thought to be a sensible path forward. 

So, here is our current thinking:

  • We will resume services in a modified schedule, beginning on Mother's Day, May 10th.  Let us thank God!
  • We will hold two morning worship services, and no Bible school.
  • The services will be at 9:00 and 10:30 and will be identical in format and content.
  • Our goal is to have up to 20 people in each of the two assemblies.
  • We will be asking you to give us (Greg or Tim) an idea of which of the two assemblies you will attend.  (9:00, 10:30, indifferent).
  • We will ask you to also make a reservation for any of your family who might be with you for Mother's Day.
  • We will be asking you to be spread out within the auditorium to maintain safe distancing.  (Couples can sit together).
  • We will ask you to use the same safety practices as we did back in March regarding handshaking, hugging, etc.
  • We will service and sanitize the building between services.
  • If you wish to wear a mask, gloves, or other protective devices, you are welcome to do so.
  • For now, we will not have any Wednesday or Sunday evening assemblies during May.
  • We will also not have our regular Fellowship meal in May.
  • We expect to maintain this Sunday morning schedule at least for the month of May, after which we will re-evaluate.


We also want to reiterate our attendance position, as we outlined back in March.  If you are not comfortable being out in any group gathering, we understand.  We don't want anyone to be uncomfortable and fearing for their own health!

God bless, 

Gene and Tim

Special Congregational Statement

Oakland Church of Christ

March 23, 2020

As you probably know by now, TN Governor Bill Lee issued an Executive Order Sunday evening, dealing with public health and the Corona Virus.    This order contained numerous provisions, but the one which seems to affect us the most is as follows:

The Executive Order effectively bans public gatherings of more than 10 people within the state, including Bible studies, worship services, wedding services, Ladies Days, etc.  With this in mind, we have come to the decision to respect the order and suspend our mid-week Bible study and Sunday services for the coming week.  (Wednesday March 25th and Sunday March 29th).  After that, we will re-evaluate on a week by week basis going forward. 

For this week, Greg will be prerecording a Sunday message for you to enjoy on the website, together with some other support touches coming your way.  We will also be making the Lord’s Supper elements available for you to pick up, probably on Saturday.  (More info on this later in the week). 

Your health is important to us.  With this in mind, we want you to take care of yourself and keep yourself from being infected.  We will also pray daily, asking God to relieve us of this thorn in our flesh.  Your prayers are also appreciated.

In addition, please remember that the church still has operating expenses, plus a payroll to cover, Missionaries to support, and other financial obligations.  As you make out checks to pay your bills this week, please also send a check to the church at POBox 105 Oakland, TN 38060.  Thanks.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please let us know.

God bless us all…………………………


Gene and Tim