The Power of Prayer

The best light to turn on in the

night of despair is the light

of belief in the power of prayer. 

   Psalm 34:4-6


To invest in the fear, anxiety, and worry of today accures 

an interest that will create a bankruptcy of joy for tomorrow.  Matthew 6:24


Make each day count, give it some worth

By doing good things while on this earth;

Make others glad you came their way,

And that you did something to brighten their day!


What Is Joy?

Joy is Jubilation because one's soul is secure.

It's being Optimistic when all others doubt.

It's a Yielding of self to the glory of God,

It's knowing what life is about!

The knowledge that Jehovah is in total control

Helps a soul become godly selective;

So no matter the trial that may befall a life,

The joyful person puts all in perspective!