Missions We Support 

Curry Montague in Hungary 


Don Green in Hungary


David French in Zambia 


David serves as the director of Zambia Missions and as the Dean of Mapepe Bible College in association with Sunset International Bible Institute (Lubbock, TX). His primary responsibilities include Dean (administration), Bible teacher, fund-raising in the USA, and Construction Supervisor at Mapepe. Lorie (David's wife) serves as the current head of the women’s program and teacher (among her many other responsibilities). David and Lorie have lived in Zambia since 2004. For more information on the work in Zambia, visit http://www.zambiamissions.org

Ministries We Support at Home 

If you would like any additional information about any of these ministries or programs, please let us know in the "Contact Us" section.

The Manger

"The Manger" is a program that we support at Oakland to help provide formula, clothes, and diapers to families that wouldn't have them otherwise.



We also have a pantry stocked with food by the congregation to help people of the community that would otherwise be hungry. 

Evangelism and Outreach in the Community 

 Jesus said in Lk 19.10 that He came to "seek and save the lost." He also told His disciples to "go into all the world" in Mt 28.19. At Oakland we strive to fulfill that mission by reaching out to the community around us through Bible study, community events, and the ministries on this page.

Bi-monthly Fellowship Meals 

The Lord's body, the Church, is a family of believers. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. As such, having times of fellowship is something that is very important to us at Oakland and we regularly break bread together to have this fellowship. Each member of the community is invited to this time of fellowship, and you are not expected to bring any food; just bring yourself so we can share in your company and feed you. The dates of these meals will be announced in the "Upcoming Events" section.


West Tennessee Children's Home 

We also support the West Tennessee Children's Home located in Chester County. To learn more about the work of the West Tennessee Children's Home, please visit: http://www.tennesseechildrenshome.org/campuses/west-campus/.


Annual Winter Series 

 In order to teach, reprove, correct, and train (2 Tim 3.16-17), we hold a series of lessons on five Tuesdays each winter. We do this for the benefit of our members, neighboring congregations, and community, so please make plans to attend the upcoming series to be announced soon.

Annual Ladies' Day 

Like our Winter Series, the ladies of the congregation host a ladies' day for all the women in the area to come for fellowship and encouragement. The upcoming ladies' day will be on Apr. 8 with Brenda Curtis speaking. Please make plans to attend.


Annual Vacation Bible School 

We host a Vacation Bible School annually that is not only directed at the young people but for all ages as well. Details for the upcoming VBS will be posted as they become available.